Patient Focused

Do not waste your precious time in traffic and waiting rooms.  CloudMed can help assist your Lab and Healthcare Provider in your Personalized Lab tests, all from the comfort of your home.  Your time is valuable and it should be spent with those you love most.

Sleep easy with 100% confidence in knowing that the entire platform is HIPAA compliant and 100% secure.

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Lab Support

CloudMed was built as an answer to a neglected segment of our healthcare.  Now Labs can offer 3rd party CloudMed support for all their Telemedicine needs.  We handle multiple secure document flow measures which are HIPAA compliant and an entire Video to Video experience with our very own Healthcare Providers.  If you are a Genetics Lab in need of Telemedicine, reach out to us today.

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Healthcare Providers Portal

We understand you and your practice better than most people.  We focused on alleviating your biggest pain points first.  Compensation is transparent and auditable.  Everything is 100% secure and HIPAA compliant.  The best part, you can work from anywhere with a signal.  Imagine the possibilities.

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Telemedicine For Everyone

We utilize advances in technology to improve the human condition.  We are on the verge of creating the first "Hospital-In-The-Cloud".  Remote diagnostics embedded in Cell Phones.  Imagine taking a picture of your skin rash with your cell phone and having it populate exactly what it is and also exactly what you need to treat it!!

Telemedicine is the stepping stone to get there.

Everything we do in Telemedicine is "Cutting-Edge".  Here at CloudMed, we are supporting other "Cutting-Edge" industries as well, from Genetics Labs to Cancer Research.

We have this desire to disrupt everything we know about the standard world of Medicine.  A desire to break down barriers and get back to treating "People" not their insurance policy.

Its about time the power of everything healthcare related is finally placed in Your hands.  Join us on this journey.

"You can not reach for anything new, if you are still holding onto yesterdays junk."

Get in touch with us today.  Be part of the solution as we forge a new Future in Medicine.