Telemedicine For the Patient

We were created with YOU in mind.  To save lives and bring intelligence and support to your genetic lab experience.

Designed and catered to you.  Its easy to use on ANY device.  Simply click the link provided by one of our Healthcare Providers or Labs, Input your name and you're in the "waiting room" waiting to be seen.

It is literally, that easy.

CloudMed at the Center of it All

We are more than just a telemedicine company.  We are the glue that connects:

  • The Lab and all of its internal processes and document flow.
  • The fulfillment center:  Making sure you receive your kit and process it properly.
  • The Healthcare Provider: We have on staff Providers to help facilitate your docs and expedite processing.

Healthcare Provider Emphasis

At CloudMed, we know exactly what you go through daily.  We have a unique reimbursement system in place for those Providers looking to increase earning potential or to simply work at their own leisure from wherever you are in the world.

  • Looking to expand on your opportunities?  Call us today to get started.
  • Looking for a genetics lab to process tests for your patients?  We can recommend several of our partnered and affiliated Labs, which have all been vetted and come highly credentialed.

The Power of the Future is within your Reach!

Never before, have we been able to harness the power of Medicine in the palm of our hands.  In todays world, all you need is a smart phone, a data connection and CloudMed.

The Human Element, is the most important element in science.

At CloudMed, everything we see, think, dream and do, is rooted in "love".  We keep our technologies and priorities focused on the total well being of the human race.  "To enhance the human condition..." is one of our overarching goals.

To leave this world, better than how we found it.  Even if it means, one life at a time.

Telemarketing For Healthcare?

A recent study by the federal government determined: " would be impossible for everyone to be reached in time, if we depended on our primary care physicians to question everyone."

Our population health depends on telemarketing companies to desperately reach out to our citizens in every effort of saving more lives.  If you are a telemarketing company operating in this space, contact us today to find out how you can work smarter through our automated processes.